Photo by Leonardo Ramirez 2015

Photo by Leonardo Ramirez 2015


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Miami Art Basel Week Speaker Dress performance @ Mandarin Oriental / Miami
Orquesta Sinfónica Universidad Científica del Perú Ensemble repertory and electronics / Iquitos, Perú
2do Festival Nikkei Ensemble repertory and electronics @ Teatro Peruano Japonés / Lima
NY Peruvian Film Showcase Opening ceremony @ Instituto Cervantes / NYC
CocoRosie "Lost Girls" Latin American Tour. Opening bands: Laikamorí + Pauchi Sasaki @ Museo de Arte Contemporáneo / Lima
Buh Concert with Pharmakon (NYC), Jardín, Pauchi Sasaki and Liquidarlo Celuloide @ 80mt2 art gallery / Lima

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INTEGRACIONES Forum of Sound Experimentation in Latin America. Solo electro acoustic performance at Espacio Fundación Telefónica / Lima
Overtone Series Solo electroacoustic performance. New music festival with Jennifer Curtis, Claire Chase, Caroline Shaw and Full Room of Teeths / North Carolina
Floating Library Solo electroacoustic site specific performance / Tribeca, NYC
CEPAL XI Congress Prospective and Studies of the Future. Inaugural multimedia performance commissioned by Peruvian Ministry of Culture / Lima
TEDxTukuy Solo electroacoustic performance / Lima
CEMEC California Electronic Music Exchange Concert at Mills College / Oakland
NOMAD Site specific performance directed by Dance Monks Dance Company / Berkeley
FILBO Concert commissioned by the Peruvian Ministry of Culture as guests country of honor at the International Book Festival of Bogotá / Colombia
GAMA IX Multimedia performance inspired by contemporary art collection "Somos Libres" curated by Neville Wakefield at The Mario  Testino Museum MATE / Lima

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TEDxTukuy  Solo electro acoustic performance and speech / Lima
TOKYO EXPERIMENTAL FESTIVAL VOL.8 International selection to perform at Tokyo Wonder Site Shibuya / Tokyo
GAMA III Multimedia performance inspired by photo exhibition "Alta Moda" from photographer Mario Testino at the Mario Testino Museum MATE / Lima
Festival Los Cádillacs Music Festival with The Wailers, Los Cadillacs & other bands at National Stadium of Peru / Lima
Pacific Exchange GAMA 5 at Center of New Music / San Francisco
Composers in Performance GAMA 2 at Meridian Gallery / San Francisco

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MURU First season. Directed by Pauchi Sasaki and Colectivo OIE. Multimedia performance commissioned by the Office of Culture of Lima City. Reopening show of the Opera House Teatro Municipal / Lima
MURU Second season. Directed by Pauchi Sasaki and Colectivo OIE at Opera House Teatro Municipal. Performing Arts Festival of Lima FAEL / Lima
Ja! Ja! Ja! Directed by Pearson Widrig Dance Company at Lokremise / St. Gallen, Switzerland
Lima International Film Festival Inaugural performance / Lima
International Book Festival / Lima
International Festival of Water / Lima
Sur Perú Electro acoustic one hour solo performance for TV channel Sur Peru / Lima & US
Festival La Noche en Blanco (Nuit Blanche) Contemporary Art Festival. Site Specific Multimedia Performance with Colectivo OIE / Lima
Festival de Los 7 Mares World Music Festival with Toto La Momposina, Manu Chao & other bands / Lima
Santiago a Mil Festival Directed by Sara Pearson & Patrik Widrig. Pearson Widrig Dance Company / Santiago, Chile

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Paraiso 1.0 Directed by Oscar Naters. INTEGRO Dance Company at Opera House Teatro Municipal / Lima
Sayonara, My Dear Directed by Sara Pearson & Patrik Widrig. Pearson Widrig Dance Company / Washington DC
A Curious Invasion Directed by Sara Pearson & Patrik Widrig. Pearson Widrig Dance Company at Connecticut College / New London, NY
Classical Contemporary Music Festival of Lima / Lima
Dance Festival of American Cultural Institute (ICPNA) / Lima
Art of the Sun Festival / Máncora, Peru
Ekisestu Butoh Dance performance directed by Asuka Itagaki & Pauchi Sasaki at Espacio Fundación Telefónica / Lima

2 0 1 0  -  2 0 0 9
Art in Nature / Oakland
Body & Sound Festival San Francisco
Music For People and Thingamajigs 13 /
San Francisco
Body & Sound Improvisation Festival 
Kunst-Stoff Arts / San Francisco
11 Festival Internacional de Video Arte Electrónica Escuelab / Lima
Femmess Festival, Women Sound's Projects Centro Fundación Telefónica / Lima
Asperger, Monólogos Electroacústicos As part of women’s week festival in the Spanish Cultural Center / Lima
Garden of memory Chapel of the Chimes / Oakland
Inventar la Voz, Nuevas Tradiciones Orales Vocal Experimental Ensemble at Centro Fundación Telefónica / Lima
Classical Contemporary Music Festival of Lima Proyecto OIE y Tres Américas Ensemble. ICPNA y Centro Cultural de España / Lima

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Japan Tour with IZANAI Dance Company Directed by Suga Kunitomo / Hosaka, Kyoto, Kagawa & Hokkaido
Butoh Dance ga Mitai - Die Pratze International Dance Festival Directed by Kinya Tsuruyama. Yan Shu Butoh Dance Company / Tokyo
Bruma de la Mañana Directed by DAKEI. SHIZUKU Butoh Dance Company / Tokyo, Madrid & Valencia
ORIGINS Directed by DANCEMONKS Dance Company / San Francisco
Audiosesión Improvisation with DJ Rupture at Espacio Fundación Telefónica / Lima
The 11th Dionysian Festival / San Francisco

2 0 0 7  -  2 0 0 5
Chicana/Latina Women's Art
 Mission Cultural Center / San Francisco
Inaguration of Sonoteca Centro Fundación Telefónica / Lima
Ciclo Abierto de Exploraciones Musicales  Centro Fundación Telefónica / Lima
Illusion Directed by Adrián Arias at Mission Cultural Center / San Francisco
Super Delux Butoh Dance and New Music Improvisation Encounter / Tokyo
Festival Cailloma - Sound Intervention and other Media / Lima
Encounter of Performance "Gesture, Simulation of Reality" Spanish Cultural Center / Lima

2 0 0 4  -  2 0 0 2
Experimental Music Festival Sonidos Lima Improvisation with experimental musician Alan Courtis (Argentine) / Lima
X/y Directed by Juan Carlo Castillo. Youth Encounter of Choreographers organized by The National Dance Council / Lima
In_travestido Directed by Juan Carlos Castillo & Pauchi Sasaki. Performance Encounter Fraumorphing / Lima
La última Posada Directed by DAKEI. SHIZUKU Japanese Butoh Dance Company / Lima
IV National Congress of Anthropology Dance of Scissors duo with Omar Lavalle. Organized by PUCP and UNMSM / Lima
Electronic Music Festival Contacto Collaboration with “Metástasis” project. Spanish Cultural Center / Lima
Channel Sur Media Dance Performance Directed by Jeremy Nelson (NY) at Casa Túpac / Lima
Performance Encounter Fraumorphing Spanish Cultural Center / Lima
Charly García Concert at Círculo Militar / Lima
Babel Site specific performance directed by Marisol Otero at Casa Barbieri / Lima




Mills College MFA Electronic Music and Recording Media / Oakland, USA Fall 2012 – Spring 2014
Cesar Bolaños Composition / Lima, Perú 2009 – 2011
Ali Akbar Khan College of Music Classical Music of North India / San Rafael, California 2006 – 2009
Alicia Svigals Klezmer Violin / New York City 2005 – 2007
CEMDUC - Center of Music and Dance from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú Andean Music / Lima, Perú 2000 - 2001
ESAN Graduate School Of Business Integral Program for Entrepreneur / Lima, Perú 2004
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú BA in Communication Science and Arts -  Journalism / Lima, Perú 1999 - 2004

IBERMÚSICAS Residencias artísticas para la creación sonora con nuevas tecnologías en el C.M.M.A.S. (Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras) - Grant and artist residency / Morelia, Michoacán. México 
XXX Edizione del Festival de Cinema Latino Americano di Trieste Miglior Colonna Sonora (Best Original Score) / Italy
Paul Merritt Henry Prize For excellence in the musical composition of stringed instruments / Mills College, Oakland 2014
British Cultural Center Financial sponsor for Tokyo Experimental Festival's participation / Lima 2013
National Film Council of Peru "Cristales de Lima" directed by Rafael Freyre. Best Original Film Scoring / Lima 2013
Mills College Full Scholarship and Teaching Assistantship / Oakland 2012
Lima International Film Festival "Regreso" directed by Alejandro Burmester. Best Original Film Scoring / Lima 2011
Spanish Cultural Center Award for Independent Artist's Production / Lima 2010
Ayni Projects Intercultural Exchange Through Music / Japan, EEUU & Perú 2008 - 2009
ESAN - Graduate School of Business Full Scholarship. Integral Program for Entrepreneur / Lima 2004
School of Communication Science and Arts - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú Best Journalist Photographer / 2003
School of Communication Science and Arts - Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú Best Short Film Director / 2002

Lecture at School of Visual Arts SVA MFA Computer Arts class. Interdisciplinary Practices in Art and Technology / NYC 2015
Lecture at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill Composition Seminar / NC 2015
Lecture at Universidad Científica del Perú Circuit Bending / Iquitos 2015
Teacher Assistant at Mills College / Oakland, USA
Introduction to Computer Music, Professor John Bischoff. Spring 2013 and Spring 2014
Introduction to Electronic Music, Professor Maggi Payne. Fall 2013
Lecture at School of Visual Arts SVA MFA Computer Arts class. Interdisciplinary Practices in Art and Technology / NYC 2014
Lecture at Universidad Científica del Sur Music, Sound and Technology for Theater Directors / Lima 2014
Workshop at British Cultural Center Circuit Bending / Lima 2014
Workshop at Espacio Fundación Telefónica Forum of Sound Experimentation in Latin America. Circuit Bending / Lima 2014
Speech at TEDx Tukuy / Lima 2013
Lecture at National Institute of Culture Site Specific Sound Performances: Environmental Composition / Loreto, Peruvian Rain Forest 2010
Lecture at Espacio Fundación Telefónica Site Specific Sound Performances: Sound of the Cities / Lima 2009
Lecture at University of Valencia Experimental Music Composition for Butoh Dance: Parameters of Intimacy / Spain 2008
Workshop at Espacio Fundación Telefónica The Embodiment of Sound / Lima 2008