Design is One: Lella & Massimo Vignelli
Feature length documentary
Directed by Kathy Brew and Roberto Guerra
Music by Pauchi Sasaki
Performed by Jennifer Curtis (violin) and Michael Nicolas (cello)

Documentary about the legendary and iconic design team of Lella and Massimo Vignelli. In 1965, Massimo Vignelli brought the Helvetica typeface to the U.S., launching the new DNA of modern design. Together with his wife and creative partner Lella, the team designed the New York City subway map, and the everlasting identities of the world's premiere fashion, design and leisure brands including Knoll, Bloomingdales, Ducati, Fratelli Rosetti, Saks Fifth Avenue, the Ford Motor Company and American Airlines. The film features extensive personal conversations with Lella and Massimo themselves, who reveal for the viewer their intensely collaborative creative process and the inner workings of their deceptively linear genius that has defined contemporary design as we have come to know it.

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NN Sin Identidad
Feature length film
Directed by Héctor Gálvez
Music composed and performed by Pauchi Sasaki

Quietly powerful, “NN” weighs the long-term consequences of violent political repression through the lens of those professionals tasked with exhuming and (hopefully) identifying torture/assassination victims found decades later in mass graves. (...)

Fidel (Paul Vega) is the senior staff member of a team whose job is to use forensic science and basic detective work to identify the corpses of people who “disappeared” during the Peruvian government’s campaign against insurrectionist groups in the 1980s and 1990s. (“NN” is code for “non nomine,” the label used for as-yet-unidentified remains.) It’s grim work, yet the group of a dozen or so is surprisingly jolly, even impudent at times, perhaps as a defense mechanism. Occasionally, however, the psychological toll on them leaks through. (source:


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Perro Guardián
Feature length film
Directed by Bacha Caravedo y Daniel Higashiona
Music composed and performed by Pauchi Sasaki

The titular Perro (Carlos Alcántara) is a former soldier turned hitman, living on the fringes of society and carrying out jobs for shadowy higher-ups. The year is 2001, when the government passed a bill granting amnesty to military personnel accused of human rights violations during the inner war with the Shining Path terrorist movement. While waiting for the bill to be approved, Perro lives in the shadows, separated from his family.

His latest job brings him into contact with a religious group led by a charismatic preacher (played by veteran actor Reynaldo Arenas, whose commanding voice is perfect for delivering fire-and-brimstone sermons). As he bonds with a troubled young woman (Mayra Goñi), Perro discovers his spiritual side, which leads him to darker places. (source:

Mañana, Todavía
Installation by Katherinne Fiedler

Educación Física
Short film by Franco Finocchiaro

Short film by Sonia Cunliffe y Silvana Pestana