GAMA is a work in progress that started in early 2012. Conceptually, the image I decided to explore in this project is the phenomenon of expansion and its manifestation in nature. In past versions of the project I explored how nature expands and generates movement through the creation of networks. I used the poetic images of wind, ocean and river currents as a source of inspiration for my compositions, since they are the main elements related to the concept of interconnectivity. 
     Also, I wanted to explore the motivations behind the movement of the elements. The reason why nature generates movement is the need to reproduce and expand itself through an ongoing erotic dance. The understanding of the erotic motivation in nature provided the project a set of opposite parameters that informed the creation of the subjective space of GAMA.

Sonic elements within this space could have feminine or masculine energy, and have a relation of attraction, repulsion, coexistence or tension between them. They could be in a static state or in motion, organized or disorganized, in balance or unbalanced. Also, the movement of the elements could be produced by an applied force or behave just by inertia. My creative process became that of translating these parameters into sonic surroundings.
     I decided to make of GAMA a multi format project, in order to expand the artistic language of the work throughout the process and to induce myself into research. Audiovisual installation, audiovisual performance with dance, instrument building and programming are some of the formats that are explored in this project.  

GAMA's Visual Artist: Nomi Sasaki

GAMA VI at Tokyo Experimental Festival 2013
Butoh dancers: Kinya "ZULU" Tsuruyama & DAKEI


Tribeca, NYC 2014
"The Floating Library" curated by Beatrice Glow at the Lilac Museum Steamship.

North Carolina 2014
"Overtone Series" curated by Jennifer Curtis at Forest Theater. 

Lima 2014
"Integraciones" at Espacio Fundación Telefónica.

Oakland 2014
"The California Electronic Music Exchange Concerts (CEMEC)

Oakland 2014
Electroacoustic concert. Performed as Signal Flow thesis concert at Mills College.

Lima 2014
Interactive Audiovisual Performance inspired by the Mario Testino Contemporary Art Collection "Somos Libres" curated by Neville Wakefield at MATE Museum Mario Testino. Advisor in interactivity: Leonardo Camacho.

GAMA VIII—Leviathan
Oakland 2013
Audiovisual electroacoustic concert at Littlefield Concert Hall, Mills College.

Shibuya, Tokyo 2013
Audiovisual performance with guest butoh dancers DAKEI, Kinya "Zulu" Tsuruyama and Asuka Itagaki. International selection for "Tokyo Experimental Festival Vol.8" organized by Tokyo Wonder Site - The Institute of Contemporary Art and International Cultural Exchange.

GAMA V—Currents
San Francisco 2013
Electroacoustic concert. "Pacific Exchange Concert Series" at the Center for New Music.

Lima 2013
Interactive Audiovisual Performance.
Inspired by photographic collection "Alta Moda" from Mario Testino at MATE—Museum Mario Testino. Advisor in interactivity: Leonardo Camacho.

San Francisco 2013
Electroacoustic concert.
"Composers in Performance Concert Series" at Meridian Gallery.

Lima 2012
Interactive installation with video projections on water.
Collective art exhibit “La Tiranía de la Intimidad” at Spanish Cultural Center. Curated by Florencia Portocarrero. Advisor in interactivity: Leonardo Camacho.