Photo by Edi Hirose

Photo by Edi Hirose


In my experience, composition is about incubating a subjective space. A mature image of an abstract space informs the creative process affecting inevitably all gesture. It also embeds the expression with the characteristics and personality of the emergent subjective space.
     In the book The "Poetics of Space" Gaston Bachelard explains how subjective spaces are self-contained universes where logic can't be totally understood through the lenses of psychoanalysis and rational thinking. In this sense, each subjective space has its own logos and the discovery of these capricious logics represents an important stage in my work.
     Subjective spaces are abstract containers, and they both represent a critical piece in my creative process. Therefore, I chose performance as the format that would help me communicate the symbolism behind each piece, and also strength the sensation of containment while performing my music.

First explorations in the creation of immersive interdisciplinary performances were all site specific performances: sound and visual interventions in unusual spaces. Starting with the intervention of a commercial gallery in the historical center of Lima city in 2006, and then exploring other spaces as an old storage for mine machinery, a public garage, the main plaza of Iquitos city located in the peruvian Amazon, among others.
     Also, a wide rage of scenic formats were explored during the process: from a small public toilet with 15 listeners to a sold out opera house. Visual and sound experimentation was achieved through the selection of an ongoing changing group of interdisciplinary artists and techniques (throughout the years I named this group Colectivo OIE). In this sense, performances function as cross-disciplinary laboratories, a space for collective creation, where collaboration becomes an important element of every final project. 

Poster of first site specific performance
Cuarto Blanco (2006)

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Documentation of Cuarto Blanco (2006)

Trailer of koPpu (2011) including the documentation of works produced between 2006 and 2010

Trailer MURU, Fuerza de lo Inevitable (2012)


Lima 2015
Teatro Peruano Japonés

Iquitos 2015
With Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad Científica del Perú

GAMA Series
From 2012 to 2014
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Lima 2012
Opera House Teatro Municipal
Directed by Pauchi Sasaki and Colectivo OIE


KoPpu II
Lima 2011
Teatro Británico

Peruvian rainforest 2010
Central Plaza from Iquitos City
[Site Specific Performance]

Lima 2010
Enlace Gallery

KoPpu I
Lima 2010
Teatro Quilla, Barranco

Playa Belén
Historical Center of Lima City 2009
[Site Specific Performance]
Public Garage

El Baño Series
1, 2 & 3

Lima 2007
Neomutatis, Barranco
[Site Specific Performance]
Solo performances

El Depósito
Lima 2007
[Site Specific Performance]

Cuarto Blanco
Lima 2006
[Site Specific Performance]