I focused on the creation of a platform that would allow me to receive data from different sources. The design of the platform is envisioned as a console; therefore it doesn’t imply the use of all data sources simultaneously. Decisions of how many and which sources of data to use, and the way this information will influence the composition (directly or indirectly) will depend on composer’s musical choices. 

The use of data will also depend on the semiotic and aesthetic needs of each composition. This design intends to support ecosystemic compositions with inseminated intelligence. The programming of these compositions is a relational network where data from nature and physical phenomena influence the behavior of designed patches in real time, embracing the coding/ decoding process by turning transcoded data into sound. 

The project seeks alternatives to the model of self-contained computer music compositions. The relational programming acknowledges the overwhelming interconnectivity generated by the Internet in our globalized society.