Canvas no.1
Sound Installation
March 2014
Mills College

This sound installation consists of amplified strips of paper hanging from a suspended frame. Three fans generate an air current in the space, and the strips of paper begin grazing against each other. Contact microphones are attached to sixteen of the strips, capturing the sound of this interaction and sending the audio signal to a mixing board. The equalization parameters at the mixing board are set to allow a gentle feedback in the room. The resulting sound is then spatialized through three speakers. To create a visual texture, all the strips of paper are lit by one halogen lamp.

Interactive Sound Installation
August 2012
Spanish Cultural Center

Subjective perceptions are explored through two territories that coexist simultaneously: the inside and the outside. Each space has its own gravitational laws, but their forces are also in constant conflict. Somatic dynamics lacks off the simplicity of description: it is a process where the past and desires transform everything what is perceived.

A split body expresses a dichotomous relationship. Both parts are framed in specific and separated spaces: my face inhabits the water and my body an open garden. Water represents a friendly and purifier bridge, a liquid membrane that homes our intimacy. But it also symbolizes a delicate but sealed wall that divides both dimensions. Subtle concentric waves are also projected over this membrane as an interactive response of the visitor's movement around the water mirror. The movement of the people in the room generates also a random pentatonic melody. In GAMA I, interactivity emphasizes the idea of interrelation.